My kitchen is my Sanctuary

I like to meditate.  I started Japa Meditation several years ago after listening to the late great Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I found he and I to be kindred spirits of sorts,  on the same journey and his wisdom spoke to me.  I also felt meditation would help with my anxiety the same way cooking does, and low and behold it has been a blessing.

Many times while I am in my kitchen it is not uncommon to find me, eyes closed and in deep meditation. The first time my husband Henry found me in a trance- like state, he  sprung into EMT mode and was certain I was in distress.  I quickly reassured him that I was merely meditating and he can discontinue CPR.

I also use music in the same way as I find it very cathartic to my creative process.  And let me be clear,that anyone who does not see cooking as a creative process, has either never cooked very much, or is use to dining out a lot and takes for granted that the food is painstakingly created and 20161013_071817

adorned with the spirit of the chef. Yes that’s how I see it.

So when I am in my kitchen creating my masterpieces, (at least I believe they are, and I get no complaints from my crew),  I liken the process to a symphony coming together perfectly.  I am at peace with the process and I am in love and gratitude the whole time.  I have a smile on my face that is second only to the bliss I get watching my teens thriving and being, my husband smiling at me, or my dog Jaxx laying beside me.  It feels like home to my soul and I am confident, and comfortable in my ability to create wonderfully healthy, sinfully sexy, and oh so tasty meals for my family and friends.

My kitchen is the place where the people I cherish, gather to love, laugh, and eat, and nothing makes me happier than to know that I am contributing to that experience, doing what I love and what feeds my soul.


Susan xoxo


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