You Do You. I’m Good.

 have a confession to make.  I have never been the chick that takes unsolicited advice,…

Fucked Up, Flawed & Full of Grace

“But lack of parental supervision upped the odds in that direction exponentially, for sure.   While it was good in showing a whole generation of girls that they don’t have to settle down and marry for the sake of financial security and motherhood, enabling them to find their place in the workforce against their male counterparts, I do believe there was a negative impact on child rearing that differed from a generation I grew up in.”

The Consequences of Playing it Safe

“The funny thing is, it wasn’t until I became a Mom and all of a sudden I had to be the strong one, the brave on, the one  who was all things in the eyes of my children that I found the courage to finally start living a life that was authentic to who I am.  I was 30 when I first set foot in college.  I knew that as a Mom, it was important to me that my children all attend college, and at the very least get an Associates Degree, and I knew if they understood that I had gone back to school for my degree at the age of 30, then they had no excuses.  Motherhood set me on a path to know myself and find my truth for not only me, but for my children.   I wanted them to see that their mother was brave, that she was a warrior, that she conquered her fear, that she acknowledged the fear and pushed through it.  I think children witnessing you pursuing your passion is a powerful thing, it allows them a model in which to visually see, that anything is truly possible if you put your mind to it.  Whether its running a business, running a marathon, batteling cancer, or going back to college.”

Redefining Romance In A Digital Age

“For example, in his sexually poignant poem, which illustrates my point perfectly, Putting in the Seed, Robert Frost, tells his reader of his lust filled evening being drawn away from work by his wanton wife, who is ready to have him take her, or at least that’s my lustful observation.  You decide your interpretation, now just keep in mind this was written in the 1920’s I believe, so to write such prose was undoubtedly wickedly bold,”