“In 2015, Sports Illustrated for the first time in the history of the magazine not only included a plus sized model, the beautiful Ashley Graham, in its swimsuit issue, and the best part was they featured her tastefully gracing the pages, stretch marks and all.  Collectively women across the country cheered and were finally able to relate to a real woman who more closely resembled the average woman, one who has bared children, gone through menopause, and not some super freak of nature whose body ideal for many of us is just unattainable and unrealistic”.

I am Woman Hear Me Roar

“A day without women implies that for 364 days out of the year we are walking around shroud in complicity, of service to men, nameless, faceless warriors, doing battle to right the wrongs of the evil masses of men, who disregard us as low-class citizens, and nothing could be further from the truth in my eyes.  Men revere women, they pursue them, respect women, who respect themselves, want to care for and protect them, and yes sometimes bad men do bad things and hurt women, and sometimes bad women do bad things and hurt men.  I am so perplexed by this backlash of women crying inequality, when it has never been a better time in history to be a woman, this also includes minority women, who are recognizing freedom to be who they are and taking leadership roles in the workplace, and government office.  We still have a way to go, but I believe that women are bridging the gender gap and contributing to the next generation of women who will reap the rewards of the pioneers before them.”

A “Freak” in the Kitchen

“One of the things that became evident to me as I began dating, was the way men seemed to respond to really good food the way they did to really good sex!  Men are visual creatures for the most part, but I think savoring really good food has its own eroticism for men.  It goes deeper, because men equate the act of being nourished to the early days of being nurtured by the very first woman in their lives, Mom.  Now I’m not suggesting Freud’s psychology on Oedipus Complex.  I simply mean that the act of being cared for makes a man feel loved and valued.  Somewhere in my psychology, I saw the way this need in men to be cared for led to greater intimacy and satisfaction in sex.  Yes, to be able to craft fabulous food is indeed the way to a man’s heart ladies.  But even better is the fact that this leads to better sex.  There is a common thread here… Sex+Food=Intimacy.”

Can cooking together lead to amazing sex?

 “Seduction is sexy, in it of itself.  Kitchen foreplay is about the seduction, the experience you create, food and  the promise of sex….here, taste this, letting the spoon linger, feeding him, looking into his eyes, taking him by the hand and making him dance to your wedding song in the kitchen.  We do this I swear!”