I Took A Break From Social Media, Here’s What I learned

“For me, I knew it was time to take a break from social media when it became mudane and a chore to weed through my feed a few times a day. For a long time I looked forward to hearing about the good things that were happeing with my friends and family, rejoicing in their triumphs and touchtone moments, lending support, encouragement when someone needed it, even shedding a tear when someone lost a parent, a spouse, a child. It made me feel like I was being a friend and part of a close knit family. But there started to come a time where I began to feel isolated and disconnected from some of my Facebook friends and family, and it became painful to feel like a stranger on the outside looking in.”

Fuck Feelings. They Make a Pill For That

WARNING….Crazy Chic Rant…..

“We are not even through the first week of the new year and if one more person utters the words, New Year, New Me, I am going to lose my shit.  It isn’t that I don’t appreciate anyone making the effort, it’s just that sooner or later we all are compelled, nudged, and bitch slapped, into making some sort of change, either  because we have reached a turning point, we have a health crisis, or we just plain feel it with every fiber of our being that it needs to be so.”

Seeking Absolution; The Path of the Righteous

“There will always be someone who on their moral high ground, who feels that they know what is in your heart and what the “true intent” was in what you did, or said or should have done. For that you can plead your case until you are blue in the face and nothing will ever serve as justice. It will always be that bitter pill stuck in their throats, with all of the grand illusions and speculations.”