Fun After Fifty….The Second Coming

This year I have come reached some pretty significant milestones.  I turned 50 years young…

Shedding Myself…Seven Years New

“I can most assuredly tell you that this is so spot on for me at this moment, with the exception of physical prowess and vitality, which I plan on maintaining until I take my final breath! But the introspective reflection and taking stock comes into sharper view and I can tell you that I am really becoming quite adept at telling people how I truly feel and less likely to put up with the bullshit I use to take in my twenties and thirties. Susie don’t play that anymore, I can tell you that with brut honesty, no regrets, or apologies, and both fingers raised! I’ll let you decide which fingers!”

Gen-X…Where We Are Today

“Every generation feels that they did far better than the one before them, and that future generations are failing to conitnue what they started. Nothing infuriates me more when I hear people making excuses for other generation’s, many people claim that Millenials are the entitled generation, that they are lazy and don’t want to work hard, that they want to listen to rap music and smoke pot, and don’t want to excel. Funny thing is they said that about us Gen-X’ers and look how far we have come and what we have done in a few decades. Let us not seek to blame, that was the past, a disillusioned establishment, that wanted to point fingers and find fault, instead of getting off their collective asses and find solutions. We have the power for real change, we have the knowledge to do better now, because we know better now. We don’t have to bare the shame of what past genertions did, if we seek to learn from these mistakes, and we truly can be the change we want to see in our world. But change won’t come about at the hands of separatist views, skewed political ideals, religious and racial supremacy, or even righteous indignation.”

Requiem For a Life

“I think one of the reasons that people get stuck and become disenchanted with life is that they have a picture in their head of how life is supposed to be, not able to accept that life is crafted exactly the way it is supposed to be. We just can’t escape what we believed our lives would be. No one expects that you will get divorced, or that you will lose your dream job, but the reality is, these things happen. Maybe it’s not at all what you planned for, but the reality is that it happened, and I do believe that when things like this happen it is because something better is on the horizon and we are supposed to be on this path.”

What Lucid Dreams Have Taught Me

“Lucid dreams have also allowed me to change patterns in dealing with people who have hurt me, and to whom I have had extended conflict with.  However, there is one area of my life that I have yet to let go of, and no matter how much I try, I find it very difficult to find closure with.  I have accepted that it will take me more time, but I would like to find resolution to this place within me that holds on to this hurt.  I know it is there for a reason, but in my journey thus far, I have been unable to relinquish the hurt from this traumatic event and I’m hoping to one day let this go.  None the less, I have been successful in achieving peace in many areas, so I will rejoice in that accomplishment for now.”