Fuck Feelings. They Make a Pill For That

WARNING….Crazy Chic Rant…..

“We are not even through the first week of the new year and if one more person utters the words, New Year, New Me, I am going to lose my shit.  It isn’t that I don’t appreciate anyone making the effort, it’s just that sooner or later we all are compelled, nudged, and bitch slapped, into making some sort of change, either  because we have reached a turning point, we have a health crisis, or we just plain feel it with every fiber of our being that it needs to be so.”

Mexican By Design…Pork Carnitas

I just love Mexican food.  I love the richness of the gooey cheese, the complex flavors, and the spicy goodness of it all.  One of my favorite Chef is Rick Bayless.  He makes every Mexican dish look so damn good, but he also loves the people and the culture of Mexico so much, and often…