Fucked Up, Flawed & Full of Grace

“But lack of parental supervision upped the odds in that direction exponentially, for sure.   While it was good in showing a whole generation of girls that they don’t have to settle down and marry for the sake of financial security and motherhood, enabling them to find their place in the workforce against their male counterparts, I do believe there was a negative impact on child rearing that differed from a generation I grew up in.”

Chasing Waterfalls

“The thing is, denying that call to seeking out what is yearning in your soul, leads to resentment, anger, anxiety, depression, and a clear disconnect.  You are in essence, denying who you are and who you are destined to be, when you make concessions that feel less than empowering, and more like settling.  “

The Consequences of Playing it Safe

“The funny thing is, it wasn’t until I became a Mom and all of a sudden I had to be the strong one, the brave on, the one  who was all things in the eyes of my children that I found the courage to finally start living a life that was authentic to who I am.  I was 30 when I first set foot in college.  I knew that as a Mom, it was important to me that my children all attend college, and at the very least get an Associates Degree, and I knew if they understood that I had gone back to school for my degree at the age of 30, then they had no excuses.  Motherhood set me on a path to know myself and find my truth for not only me, but for my children.   I wanted them to see that their mother was brave, that she was a warrior, that she conquered her fear, that she acknowledged the fear and pushed through it.  I think children witnessing you pursuing your passion is a powerful thing, it allows them a model in which to visually see, that anything is truly possible if you put your mind to it.  Whether its running a business, running a marathon, batteling cancer, or going back to college.”

Boys Will Be Boys; No Longer Conventional Wisdom

I have a confession to make!  I am mad as hell and I need to unburden myself.  I resisted the temptation to write about this because I was so close to the story, as they say, and I wanted to make sure I sat with all of it and remained objective.  Back in college when I…

No Denying Sex Sells..Goodbye Hugh Hefner

I’ll be honest, I do feel a bit of sadness that Hugh Hefner has passed.  I know to many people he was an evil purveyor of sex and debauchery, but not to me.   I remember the first time I saw a naked woman in Playboy, some of the boys in my neighborhood had dared…

Redefining Romance In A Digital Age

“For example, in his sexually poignant poem, which illustrates my point perfectly, Putting in the Seed, Robert Frost, tells his reader of his lust filled evening being drawn away from work by his wanton wife, who is ready to have him take her, or at least that’s my lustful observation.  You decide your interpretation, now just keep in mind this was written in the 1920’s I believe, so to write such prose was undoubtedly wickedly bold,”

Ride or Die

“Not that the concept of ‘ride or die” is new, loyalty has been around since the dawn of time, but I mean the generational perception of loyalty. While it is less prevalent in “Gen Xers” as being one-sided, there are still some men out there who because of generational ideals, believe that loyalty is earned and that it will be granted when someone has proven their worthiness. I do understand this to some degree, but for me, I see loyalty as being the cornerstone to a solid relationship, and coming from a place of sincerity, honesty, and integrity. I don’t truly believe you can be in a loving, lasting, relationship without these things. But in truth, being “ride or die” is not just a philosophy for how you should conduct yourself in a relationship, it is a philosophy for how you should live your life. For, I have been “ride or die” for many causes such as, Women’s Rights, including the Right to Choose, Gay Rights, Children’s Advocacy programs, and for community programs that I felt compelled to rally for.”

Great Expectations…Shattering Illusions of Perception

I have a confession to make, I have always been the girl who believes in fairytale endings, that love truly does conquer all, that you can redirect your life at any moment, and that saying “I do” means forever.  I am, by all accounts a hopeless romantic and raging optimist, but I am also, a realist….

Pieces of Me…Finding Beauty in Negative Places

“I have a confession to make, I am a complicated mess.  A fucking disaster in a sea of muck, and bad decisions.  I curse, a lot, I drink wine, a lot, I experience road rage in the supermarket, I give my husband the finger behind his back once in a while, ok once a week!  I yell at the dog when he wants to play and I’m too tired to move, I get pissed at my kids sometimes and fantasize about moving to Oklahoma and leaving my life behind.  Ok not Oklahoma, I am not a the Pioneer Woman, and I love the beach.  Some of this is tongue in cheek, I will let you decide which is which.  But the point is, I own my flaws, my bad decisions, my moods, my life.  All of it.  Not once will you ever hear me assert blame for my life on any one but me.  I have been in therapy long enough to know I may not have been a willing participant in many things, but it was my life and I chose to be silent, to be present, to be oblivious, and to speak up.  Sometimes all at once, sometimes unintentional, sometimes not.”

The Super Sexy Brain

I have a confession to make, I am a bit of a flirt.  This started back in my younger days growing up in my hood.  As I hit puberty, suddenly this self-proclaimed tomboy, who played baseball, rode bikes, and played man hunt, the girl who thought of these boys as strictly my teammates and a minor annoyance…

Naughty’s Her Nature

I have a confession to make, I am playfully, sinfully, thankfully, naughty by nature.  I am the girl who likes a good smack on the butt by her fireman, and a playful nuzzle while I am whipping up something hot in the kitchen, along with some sizzling, sexy banter, aka dirty talk… I can honestly say after being with my fireman for…

Conscious Coupling

I have a confession to make.  Well actually it’s more like an admission, I am really not a big fan of Gwenth Paltrow.  Yes she’s attractive and has an amazing body, but I never saw her for that A-list actress that comes to mind when I think of all the other actresses out there, such as Angelina…