My Very First Blog Launch..


I cannot begin to tell you the excitement I feel launching this page!!  Anyone who knows me, knows that blogging allows me the opportunity to be able to combine my two greatest passions, next to my family of course, cooking and writing.

In the days to follow I will be posting recipes,  kitchen confessions, and comments, about the food I make on a daily basis for my family!  I want this blog to be different, raw, and real.  Kind of like me!

The launch of this blog is the culmination of many years of trying to find my bliss, and wanting an outlet to do so.  I finally feel comfortable in my own skin at nearly 50 years old, to be brave, fearless, and take chances…if not for me, for my children, so that they know that in spite of the fears and doubts we all may have,  following your dreams and pursuing your passion is the reason we are alive.  We are not meant to stumble and fall , then lay down and accept our fate!  We are meant for so much much more!

It is my wish for you, that you find the magic that dwells inside and feeds your soul.  The thing above anything else, that brings you joy, and makes you believe in yourself.  It’s never too late to find your bliss!


Susan xoxo


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