Shedding Myself…Seven Years New

It is said that from the time of birth, every seven years we begin a new life cycle.  Anthropologists, scientists, psychologists all seem to agree with this on some level.  Cellular regeneration takes place, as we are shedding our dead skin cells and hair follicles, our thought process is different, our hormones are changing and declining, as is the case for me right now just having gone through the worst phase since puberty, menopause, or as I like to call it the fiery abyss; prelude to hell.  You think I’m kidding?  I promise you I’m not!  In his article “Every Seven Years You Change” Self Help Writer and Yogi, Tony Crisp, breaks down the cycles of life in seven-year increments and what takes place during this time.  I was fascinated to understand this because it really did seem as though each period of my seven-year journey was pretty accurately described within the phases.  Now of course the argument can be made, that of course this would appear accurate, as we are ever-changing and as we mature and go through our natural age progression,  the old adage, “with age there is wisdom,” thus we will live, learn, and grow, within those confounds.  Which to some degree is true, but there is the ebb and flow to it all, and some will either embrace and accept this, or rebel and curse these phases, and vehemently fight against it.  Still others, like myself, will accept it and throw all my frenetic energy into that bitch and let it haunt me until I surrender to what is.  This usually happens a year before the next phase.  I let go and allow the infinite wisdom of my soul to guide me to what I need.

    Now here I am 1 year into phase 49-56 years old, which Tony describes as a time when, in this cycle the physical changes bring about a mental or spiritual climax. (You just know I love the idea of that!)  The decline of physical prowess and vitality, forces the person to direct their attention inwards more frequently.  Any problems of our personality, such as maladjustment and our repressions, will undoubtedly become more urgent in these years. This reacts upon one’s marriage and professional life alike. The problem is that we have to learn to live with ourselves in a new way. We slowly have to adapt to our new-old body, and habits of long-standing do not die easily.
This is when we take an inventory of our life. It’s a time of spiritual questioning and review of our life purpose. If we haven’t successfully understood who we are by this stage and achieved our goals, then depression, moodiness and turmoil will plague both our waking life and our dreams. (Tony Crisp)

I can most assuredly tell you that this is so spot on for me at this moment, with the exception of physical prowess and vitality, which I plan on maintaining until I take my final breath!  But the introspective reflection and taking stock comes into sharper view and I can tell you that I am really becoming quite adept at telling people how I truly feel and less likely to put up with the bullshit I use to take in my twenties and thirties.  Susie don’t play that anymore, I can tell you that with brut honesty, no regrets, or apologies, and both fingers raised!  I’ll let you decide which fingers!

     Turning 50 and hitting my stride feels scary and exhilarating.  It is bittersweet as I recognize that my body will never be able to birth another child,  that my children are becoming less dependent on me, as they are slowly and effectively forging a life of their own.  While I am so much more confident and less afraid of what others think of me, I also find that I see missed opportunities and some dreams slipping away.  For one, I think I will not be getting that gig with the Boshoi Ballet and dance with the great Mikhail Baryshnikov.  I probably won’t be getting a call back from the Ford Model Agency, and I probably won’t be a sports writer for the Daily News.  Sighhhhhh!  However, I did stumble upon the fact that I am pretty fucking funny, I can write well on most days, and I can cook like a boss!  So there’s that!  In addition to that, I am a great Mom and striving to be a pretty darn good member of the human race!

So I guess the take away here is this, on the up side, we begin anew every seven years, we can shed our skin, our mistakes, our sins, and make the next seven years even better.  On the down side, with the cycle of life as it is meant to be, every seven years will bring us one step closer to our final cycle.

So for me, This seven-year stint will see my much healthier, much thinner, more joyful, more loving, ready to begin an exciting career as a blogger, and business owner as I start my dream job as Chef and restaurant owner.  I will say goodbye to the people and things that no longer serve me on my spiritual journey, and don’t align me with my higher purpose.  I look to leave a legacy that is filled with love and good intentions and to make sure that I continue to be a good steward of compassion, humility, tolerance and love.  There is nothing better than knowing the fruits of your labor are about to be set before you, to be enjoyed, savored, and shared with the ones who matter most.


Susan xoxo


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